The Questions (and Answers)

What exactly is the Appalachian Trail?

  • The Appalachian Trail is a 2,200 mile trail between Springer Mountain, Georgia and Mount Katahdin, Maine.

What are you bringing to protect yourself? A gun? Bear spray? A machete??

  • Actually not bringing anything except a small multi-tool! The trail is as safe as any city or town, likely safer. The most important thing is to be aware of our surroundings and to hang our food up at night so bears and mice can’t rummage through our packs or come into our campsite.

How do you eat?

  • On average, we will be carrying 4 to 5 day’s worth of food with us at a time in between resupplies in town. Since we burn so many calories while hiking, we will be eating around 3000 – 5000 calories/day, meaning we want to carry food that will give us the most calories/oz of weight. So usually one day’s worth of food will weigh 1-2 pounds.   While occasionally we will have food shipped to us through mail drops, usually we will purchase our food at grocery stores, convenience stores, and outfitters or local hiker friendly stores. An example day of meals might look like:
    Breakfast  Serving  Ounces
    Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal 2 packs 3
    Sun Maid Raisins 1 mini-box 0.5
    100-calorie pack Emerald Walnuts & Almonds 1 pack 0.6
    Little Debbie Honey Bun 1 bun 1.8
    Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee 1 packet 0.1
    Morning Snack
    Emerald Breakfast To Go Trail Mix 1 pack 1.5
    Peanut M&Ms 1 bag 1.7
    Medium Flour Tortillas 2 tortillas 3.4
    String Cheese 2 sticks 2
    Salami 2 oz 2
    Gatorade G2 1 Packet 0.5
    Afternoon Snack
    Snickers 1 bar 1.8
    LaraBar 1 bar 2.4
    Kraft Macaroni & Cheese 1 box 7.25
    Starkist Tuna 1 pouch 2.6
    Olive Oil 1 tbsp 0.5
    Land O’ Lakes Cocoa Mix 1 pack 1.25
    Total Weight  2.06lbs

What about water?


11 thoughts on “The Questions (and Answers)

  1. “I just like to walk in the woods and sleep on mountaintops” – Earl Shaffer
    Sounds like you guys are off to a great start – look forward to hearing more.

  2. I look forward to every days blog… Keep them coming. Plus I am learning so much as well. Thought I knew it having grown up I’m W. N.C. Have you passed the Art Loeb trail yet – connects with Pisgah National Forest.

    Ps My son Richard is now in the 2018 class of St. Pius X!!! So thrilled.

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