Weekly Wrap Up: Week 22

August 10-16

Miles Hiked: 106

  • Weekly Average:  15.1 miles/day
  • Total:  2126
  • Overall Average: 13.8
  • Zero Days: 0 / Total: 13

Money Spent: $242 *

  • Town Food/Lodging: $62
  • Trail Food: $60
  • Gear: $76
  • Slackpack Shuttles: $38
  • Postage: $6

* Does not include Tandem’s totals

Highlight of the Week

Jerry: Finishing the last real mountain climb over Snow Cap Mountain before Mount Katahdin.

Bennett: Stayed at Lakeshore House in our very last town before the 100 Mile Wilderness and Katahdin! After a BEAUTIFUL view and 21 miles hiked that day, we arrived at the hostel and actually had our own private room instead of being in the bunkhouse. We enjoyed some good food and talked to a few SOBOs.

Karen: Surviving the first three mile run in my training plan.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: Not being able to cross the Long Pond Stream due to flooding rains the night before. We were forced to go back in to Monson due to that and other circumstances to regroup.

Bennett:  After hiking in the rain (which overall wasn’t too bad), things took a turn for the worse after reaching our first stream. We carefully crossed, and thinking we were good, continued on, only to encounter an even worse stream. This one we walked upstream to a log across the raging stream. We waded through the thigh deep water, leaning against the log to keep the current from pulling us downstream. Wet but successful, we encountered ANOTHER stream. Only this one was more like a river and it was chest deep. So wet and cold and clueless as to how to cross (nothing a mile upstream was doable) we wimped out, called a shuttle, hiked two miles out on a flooded logging road, and wound up back at the Lakeshore hostel. We spent another night there (which the owner was kind enough to give us a discount on due to our predicament). Luckily the weather DID clear up and we successfully got back on trail where we were left off.

Karen: Having both Carson leave for college and Christopher leave to go back to Canada within days of each other.

Memory of the Week

Jerry: Our stay at the Lakeshore House and having a private room with a double bed and kitchen. Tandem and I loved the feel of privacy for the same price as a pair of bunks in the bunk room. Being able to get new shoes to replace my depreciated pair was also a bonus!

Bennett:  Enjoying our last few hiking days in the 100 Mile Wilderness. Despite the constant light rain, the hiking was beautiful and easy overall. There were some great views from mountains, my favorite being the mountain covered in blueberries where the sky FINALLY cleared up enough that we got our first view of Katahdin!

Karen: Moving Carson in to college.


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