On Top of the World



9 thoughts on “On Top of the World

  1. Congratulations! Alex and I have been following your journey. You both are an inspiration and can’t wait to hear all about it when you are back home! We will have to have another neighborhood party to celebrate!

  2. Congratulations on such an accomplishment and I can only imagine it was all the more special getting to do it with your daughter! Btw, how long before you shave?

  3. Congratulations Jerry and Bennett!!!! That is really something. I want to thank you for allowing me to follow your trek on your blog.

  4. Your accomplishment is fanastic in any way you wish to measure: days on the trail, the miles you’ve travelled, or the 5.5 million-plus steps each of you have taken on your pilgrimage of physical and psychic exploration.

    Congratulations on a job well done.

    Through your daily updates along the way you have provided a wonderful and enjoyable vicarious experience for us back home, so thank you for providing something to look forward to each day over these past months.

    Travel safe on your return.

  5. Jerry & Bennett (Buzz & Tandem), Phenomenal experience, thank you for sharing since March. Envious every week of your journey. JB

  6. Congratulations. I’ve been following your blog since we met when you were traveling though MA. (Ed’s friend & AT maintainer) Glad you both made it safely. Looks like you had a great day to summit. All the best in your “after trail” endeavors.

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