Day 151

Day 151

We woke early in our private room at the Lakeshore House Hostel in order to hitch to Greenvillle for my new shoes and restocking. Tandem, Mio, and I grabbed our empty packs and went across Greenville Road from the hostel, where got picked up after ten minutes by a contractor in a pickup truck. We had to cram into the front seat together due to the law in ME that prohibits riding in the bed of a truck.

We got dropped off at Indian Hill Trading Post and thanked our driver. I went straight to the hiking shoe department and grabbed a few size 13’s to try on, both Keens and Merrills. I found a Merrill Moab, but it was a wide. However, I tried it on and it felt good when tied tightly, I bought them for hiking the last 115 miles to Mount Katahdin.

We also shopped for the final food we needed for the next week. Half of it will be put in a five gallon bucket and placed halfway through the 100 Mile Wilderness for us to restock from later. After shopping, we headed across Greenville Road to hitch back to Monson. One of the customers from the store pulled out and picked us up. She was so cool! She and her husband live in Monson on the lake and enjoy helping hikers. We were dropped off at the hostel and thanked her.

We had to be out of our rooms by 10:00, so we organized our food into four-day and three-day supplies. We packed the four day supply and bagged the three days for the five gallon bucket. The bucket costs $25, and we are splitting it three ways with Mio.

After packing and paying, we headed down to load into the car shuttling us to the trailhead. I tried extending my hiking poles only to find one of them was jammed. I got an extra aluminum pole from the hostel, and we were on our way to the trailhead on Greenville Road/ME 15. It was 11:30.

The hike ahead of us was basically flat but had many uphills and downhills. We stopped at the Leeman Brook Lean-to for lunch. It was overcast and blowing like rain was coming. We hiked on seven more miles. It started to sprinkle.

I pulled into the Wilson Valley Lean-to and found Tandem and Mio in the shelter with three other hikers. They made room for me, and I slid in my air mattress, then we made dinner as the rain fell. One A Day came in to see who was there but headed up the hill behind the shelter to set up his tent. We cleaned up after dinner and were in our sleeping bags by 18:00. I listened to the newly downloaded Podcacher podcast and fell asleep to it.

Today was an 11 mile day, and we have 104 miles remaining to Mount Katahdin!


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