The summit date is back to August 20 — in fewer than 48 hours they’ll finish what they started five months ago. Well, the physical part. The mental part has been in the works for many years.

Work commitments keep me from being there. I am disappointed for myself but grateful that my parents are making the trip, so Tandem and Buzz will have some family helping them celebrate at the end.

“I need you to do something.” My mother, at 6:00 pm Monday. “I need you to overnight their passports so we can go to Canada for a few days.”

Eventually my parents will drive them to Boston, where the flights will be cheaper than out of Bangor or Portland, but apparently a few days’ sightseeing is on the agenda. My mother wasn’t sure they’d want anything but to come straight home, but Bennett enthusiastically agreed to any side trip that involved a vehicle, a decent bed, real restaurants, and no mud.

Ah, but what to wear? As long as I was overnighting, I might as well send them some clothes they haven’t worn every day for months. Nothing synthetic, nothing that feels like hiking clothes. Just lots and lots of cotton — heavy cotton. UPS, of course, had already done all its pickups for the day, so I spent an exorbitant amount mailing jeans and t-shirts and real bras and boxers with an actual fly. My last support package.

I haven’t had a blog post since Thursday, but did get a quick text from Bennett this afternoon:

Have close to no service but finally see KATAHDIN! 21 miles away. Please call grandma and tell her we will see her at Katahdin stream campground (that’s where the parking is) on the 20th at 7am. Also would ask her to pretty please bring something for breakfast because we may not have enough food. And dad says coke.

Basically going to throw stuff in her car & see them, take 3 hours to climb up & 3 to climb down & some time I between. They will have a few hours then to either explore Baxter state park, hang at the Abol Bridge restraint, or go back to the town & hang there I guess?

Just because I’d emailed her and she hadn’t gotten a definite day or location. Love you!

Love you, too, B. I’m looking forward to having you home!





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