Weekly Wrap Up: Week 21

August 3 – 9

Miles Hiked: 109

  • Weekly Average:  15.6  miles/day
  • Total:  2020
  • Overall Average: 13.7
  • Zero Days: 0 / Total: 13

Money Spent: $476.50

  • Town Food/Lodging: $237
  • Trail Food: $138
  • Gear: $1.50
  • Slackpack Shuttles: $100

Highlight of the Week

Jerry: Having the Hall Mountain Lean-to all to ourselves and being able to spread out in it and cook there.

Bennett: Having some good luck with a hitch into Andover for Buzz’ birthday. The woman turned her car around and drove us the 10 miles into town — THEN she bave us tons of fruit and extra food.  I think her kindness was even better than the burger we had for lunch.

Karen: Adopting a new cat. His name is Hennessey.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: Having the sole on my left Merrill Moab come start separating from shoe. Merrill would not overnight replacement shoes to Monson due to their policy of nine days response time.

Bennett:  Seeing the number of miles we would have to hike in Maine. Two-hundred and eighty-one seemed WAY more daunting than 2185.

Karen: The start of school, which is the end of shorts and no make-up at work.

Memory of the Week

Jerry: Our stay at the Farmhouse Hostel and being able to slack pack 49 miles with their help. For dinner the last night, we had steaks and corn on the cob. Shane and Stacey were the perfect hosts!

Bennett: Seeing Mambo and Mio again! Spending time slack packing with the two of them while staying at Farmhouse Inn (a new hostel just getting on its feet) was just what I needed to get over my Maine blues.

Karen: After a fun, relaxing weekend at the lake with several other families, we somehow talked each other into signing up for a half marathon. We did have enough sense to pick a very flat one.


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