Day 139

Day 139

I woke for the second morning in a bed with breakfast being served downstairs in the White Mountains hostel. This morning it was egg soufflé with a sweet under coating served upside down, sausages, and potato cakes. It was very filling.

Week_20_Day_139I stripped my bed and removed my items from the bunk room upstairs, grabbed my laundered clothes, and packed my pack by 8:00. I filled my water vessels from the tap and was ready to go. I went back to the geocache where I’d left my Z-Pack case retrieved it. I also dropped the “Wooden Shoe 1” travel bug in the cache, grabbed another cold Coke from the trail magic cooler by the trail head, and walked back to the hostel.

Tandem was working on blog updates, so I told her that I was leaving. After having our picture taken and me giving my thanks, I left this fantastic hostel. I walked across the street and road walked for about half a mile to where the trail turned into the woods and up a mountain. Most of the morning was spent climbing and dropping steeply.

Tandem caught up with me when I was pulling water from a creek, so we lunched there then hiked apart for several miles due to her listening to podcasts out loud. At one point, I reached a ridiculous muddy point on the trail, which is what a lot if the 100 Mile Wilderness will be like in Maine.

I also passed a geodesic disk for the AT, which you rarely encounter on the trail.Week_20_Day_139a

By 16:00, we had reached the Gentian Pond Shelter and Campsite, which was free. Before hiking the .2 miles out to it, we had the pair of Philmont singers and Rangers catch up with us, who we hadn’t seen since Damascus. We chatted and they continued up the AT.

We settled on a tent platform, where I was able to finally use the screw hooks to tie out my tent fly sides on the wooden platform. Tandem read in her hammock while started my dinner, a Pasta Side and a Ramen. The water used was questionable, since it was flowing off the top of the pond in which was a beaver colony.

While Tandem ate, we discussed the hiking plan for tomorrow. It is a big day since we will cross the state line into ME! However, we will also cross the hardest rock scramble area on the entire trail on Mahoosuc Notch.

Because we stopped earlier today, I caught up on blogs for two days. Today was a 12.2 mile day.


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