Weekly Wrap Up: Week 19

July 20-26

Miles Hiked: 72

  • Weekly Average:  10.3  miles/day
  • Total:  1809
  • Overall Average: 13.6
  • Zero Days: 0 / Total: 13

Money Spent: $157 *

  • Town Food/Lodging: $91
  • Trail Food: $66

* Jerry’s spending. Bennett’s phone is broken, so she can’t access her records. Her best estimate? “Honestly can’t tell you.”

Highlight of the Week

Jerry:  Being in hiker-friendly Hanover, NH on a Sunday and getting the first opportunity to attend a Catholic mass at Saint Denis Catholic Church.

Bennett: Hiking up to the top of Mt. Moosilauke was amazing! It was our first real White Mountain climb and it was so challenging but so beautiful. Maybe it was me high on coffee & adrenaline and low on calories & sleep, but the hike up felt so great & the view from the top was spectacular.

Karen: Getting together and catching up with some old friends. Everyone was able to be there on short notice, and it was a great evening.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: Breaking ways with Mio. He Went to the hospital in North Woodstock, NH, for his mental confusion condition. It required a spinal tap for diagnosing what could be one of several common diseases that can be acquired on the trail, including Lyme disease. I wished him well and told him that we would miss him.

Bennett: Having Buzz be indecisive about his plans during an approaching storm. I sat and waited despite the thunder for him to decide if he was hiking the last mile to a shelter with me or paying $30 to stay at a hostel. He only decided he wasn’t when I was standing in the street and the rain started falling. I was less than pleased to have to run a mile in the crazy thunder storm and arrive soaked.

Karen: Dealing with a set of less-than-pleasant-but-quite-persistent parents.

Memory of the Week

Jerry: Hiking into the White Mountains on the Appalachian Trail for the first time, starting with the ascent up Mount Moosilauke. Everyone says that “the Whites are so hard to hike through”. That initial 3,800 foot climb was surprisingly easy for me due to my hiker legs being tuned up. Bring on Mount Washington and the other presidents!

Bennett: Spending the day in Hanover relaxing in Starbucks and visiting an Irish pub to celebrate Mio’s birthday with everyone. Also loved the hospitality Warren gave us, welcoming us into his home for the night and even setting up a fire with s’mores for us.

Karen: I don’t remember much from the week … they do tend to run together.


One thought on “Weekly Wrap Up: Week 19

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know I’m a day early but I’ll have limited access tomorrow and the next 4 days. That’s all the time I can get off 🙂 I hope you’ve been enjoying your hike. Peace my friend- Mac

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