Day 130

Day 130

I wanted to get an early start on today’s six miles and get them behind me before 15:00. I woke up at 5:30 and had eaten and packed by 6:30. I said goodbye to Mio, who was also up and packing.

There was a big 1,800 foot climb up Mount Cube to start. I took a long break at the top with a great view of the Whites. There was a 2,000 foot drop on the other side, and I moved at a good pace but was still doing only 2.5 miles per hour due to the climbs.

After the Ore Hill campsite, I stopped at the top of Ore Hill. The campsite had had a shelter until it burned down in 2011. As I was eating, a SOBO thru hiker named Andy came up the hill and joined me to take a break. We talked about the Hikers Welcome Hostel, and he asked whether I was staying there. I told him that I wanted to, but was short of cash. Andy pulled out his wallet, which was the same orange Z-Pack wallet that I have, and gave me $30! I noticed that he had seen the patches on my pack, so maybe it was the ATC or Philmont patches. I thanked him, shook his hand, and we hiked away from each other.

Week_19_Day_130.jpegAt 13 miles, I started the day’s last climb 650 feet up Mount Mist. The rest of the afternoon was downhill to NH 25. The Hikers Welcome Hostel was .2 miles to the east. I arrived and found several thru hikers hanging out. Tandem and Jukebox came in five minutes later planning to go on to the Jeffers Brook shelter, but a big thunderstorm was expected.

We all took a ride from the hostel to the convenience store in Warren, NH. I bought a half gallon of milk, a bag of kettle chips, and a Hot Pocket pair of pizzas. On the way back, we had a good view of Mount Moosilauke with a thunderstorm looming over it.

We ate dinner when we got back to the hostel. Jukebox took off for the shelter, but Tandem waited on me to finish dinner and decide whether or not I was going to the shelter. As soon as it started to pour rain, I told her that I was staying and she left.

We spent the night watching Happy Gilmore, Punch Drunk Love, and Talladega Nights. I stayed in the second bunk house. I plan to leave early and hike to the shelter where Tandem and Jukebox stayed so we can hike over the 3,800 foot Mount Moosilauke together.


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