Day 128

Day 128

We woke up slowly — and late — by 9:00 this morning in the basement of Warren and Toni’s house. The mattresses had been very comfortable. We were caught between the love of the town of Hanover and knowing we should get back on the trail.

Warren came down and offered the coffee drinkers some coffee in the kitchen. I used the idle time to write my blog and pack slowly. The plan was to go back into Hanover and get another free cruller and slice of pizza, and Warren said we would go at 11:00. Everyone dove into the hiker box for Ramen and other needs.

When we got to the end of their driveway on the way out, we saw other NOBO hikers going down Elm Street, so we drove up and offered some Oreos as trail magic from the window. They were happy and surprised to see us. Warren offered them his basement for lodging that night and they took him up on it. He told them to put their packs back up at his house and just take what they needed into Hanover.

We drove to the CVS where we split ways. I thanked Warren for their hospitality, and Tandem and I headed to Lou’s for our second free cruller. On the way, we were called over to the post office by Jukebox, who had just received a box from home of trail food and cold weather clothes. He offered us most of the candy and some bars.

While we were filling up on candy and cookies, the infamous Kallin family — a couple hiking with their two children of 7 and 9 years old and their dog — came down the sidewalk toward us. Jukebox knew they from hiking with them in the past, and I had wanted to meet them. They hike fairly steadily, and the kids have 2-3 pound packs. Introductions were made and the candy shared. We spilt up after that, and our crew of five went to Lou’s for our second cruller. There was a selection this time of plain, chocolate covered, bacon covered, or jelly filled. I got chocolate, and Tandem had bacon.

After that, we went down to Ramuntos for another free slice of cheese pizza. While we ate, we discussed Key Lime’s broken tent pole, courtesy of  her dog Ozzie. She had gone to True Value to get a part to splice the pole, but was unsuccessful. I took her back to the hardware store to assist. We found a small metal compression tube to connect the pair of broken pole joints, but the design of her pole required us to cut the tension cord inside. When that option didn’t work, we were stuck with a cut cord and the need to splice the pole externally.

Mio appeared to help and found a short, thick rubber tube that could be slid down the pole to support it, but the first thing we needed to do was make the elastic center cord one piece again. We used wire, flame, and super glue to splice it back. Then we superglued the rubber sleeve over the pole sections that couldn’t connect. That created one long, two pole section that stayed extended and stuck high above her pack.

Back at Ramuntos, we found that Tandem and Jukebox had left at 13:45. The three of us were able to get going by 14:00, planning to go 12 miles to the Moose Mountain shelter. Key Lime and Ozzie planned to go only six miles to Etna, NH, and Tiggers Tree House hostel. At Etna Road, we found some leftover drinks at an older trail magic cooler.

I climbed 1,200 feet up Moose Mountain and arrived at the shelter at 20:00. I set up my tent, cooked my dinner, listened to the Podcacher podcast, and crashed. The podcast was only 15 minutes long due to Sonny ad Sandy being in Norway, but they promised a full episode later in the week.


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