Day 122

Day 122

I woke up at 5:15 anticipating a spectacular sunrise, but we were covered up with low clouds and it was damp. I decided to get up quickly and pack just in case Bromley decided to test the lift that I was camped on! I used the early rising to go down the ski trails .3 miles to find a geocache.

Week-18_Day_122.jpegI had breakfast with Mio and Jukebox. It was a slow morning. They all sat on the lift chair and chatted about hikers and equipment. I put on my pack and headed out at 8:15 behind some VT section hikers who are being trained to hike the AT. I passed some of them on the way down the back side of Bromley Mountain and passed the rest taking a break at Mad Tom Notch, USGS 21.

Then came a hard climb up to Styles Peak and over to Peru Peak. On the way up, I was passed by Tandem, Mio, and Jukebox who had his speaker playing. The top of the mountain was full of pine trees that reminded me of Christmas trees. I stopped at the Peru Peak shelter at 11:00 and had caught up with the Tandem trio. I decided to have lunch there, while they were going forward 4.7 miles to the Lost Pond shelter Week-18_Day_122c.jpegfor lunch, and by the time that I reached Lost Pond shelter they had left. It started to sprinkle, so I hung out for 20 minutes while it passed. On the downhill I crossed a suspension bridge that looked recently built.

After climbing some more, I passed Little Rock Pond, where the camping is fee based. I walked along the pond and enjoyed the sun shining on the very clear water. There was a mountain on the other side of the pond, but we weren’t headed that way. I turned uphill and climbed and dropped toward the Greenwall shelter. Within five miles of the shelter I passed dozens of stacked rock formations, which was the intersection with the White Rocks trail to an overlook.

The Greenwall shelter is where we were camping. Tandem and I made dinner and joked with other hikers. We went to our sleeping quarters when it started to sprinkle. I told Tandem that the 21 mile day had been hard on me and that I would be doing shorter 15 mile days for the rest of our 517 miles. She accepted that but will not be staying with me.


2 thoughts on “Day 122

  1. Wise to shoot for 15 Mike days through NH and ME. You have plenty of margin to arrive at the northern terminus by Labor Day. Your Facebook post on the 21st shows you at the VT/ME line. That gives you about 445 miles to go. At 15 miles per day, that’s about 30 hiking days. There are 38 days until Labor Day, so as I say plenty of margin for some short days and zeros. Savor your time in these last two states. They are unlike the other 12.

  2. Sorry, I meant 15 mile days. And the Facebook picture showed you at the Vermont/New Hampshire line, not VT/ME.

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