Day 121

Day 121

The heat had been on all night, so room 9 at the Red Sled motel was very warm when we woke up. Everyone got healthy drinks and fruit from the farmers’ market across the street. Tandem and I talked about our future hiking plans, packed quickly, and left Jukebox and Mio in the room conducting hiker gear mailing logistics negotiations. We hitched in to Manchester Center with a mother, who we later met in town with her kids.

We started by checking the EMS outfitter store for a water bag that fits my Sawyer filter, but there were none. I also contacted Amazon about returning the Platypus bag , which they refunded without the need to return, so I gave the bag to Jukebox.

We went to Price Cutter to restock food and get something for lunch. We ate lunch at a picnic table with other hikers, including some SOBO’s. After lunch, Tandem napped on a bench while I found a geocache.

Week-18_Day_121a.jpegMid-afternoon, I gave Tandem my phone and charger and took my pack to the movie theater. I bought a $5 ticket for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Mombo and 50/50 were going to see the movie with me but told me that Murphy and Joe Hawk were still doing their laundry, so they were all going to the 5:45 showing instead. I watched the movie alone and really enjoyed it.

I grabbed my pack intending to get Tandem from The Works Bakery Cafe.  A Chinese viewer of the movie asked me what had happened during the first 15 minutes, which he had missed. I explained it to him as we walked over to The Works. He stayed with me all of the way into the shop as we talked about the thru hike. He met Tandem and left once we had put our packs.

We went back over to EMS and saw Hoss who we hadn’t seen in several weeks while he was ahead of us. We also saw Bacon Dog, who had been behind us for a while. He was with Bear Juice, who we hadn’t met yet.

We wished all of the viewers of the 5:45 viewing of the Planet of the Apes a fun movie experience, and I didn’t ruin it for any of them. Week-18_Day_121b.jpegTandem and I hitched back to the trail by 18:00 and started hiking up Bromley Mountain. We found Mio and Jukebox at the Bromley shelter, two miles up, and talked them in to hiking to the summit and the top of the ski slopes.

I set up my tent on the ski lift wooden platform, hoping that it doesn’t get turned on early! We enjoyed watching the sun set through the clouds, but that beauty may come with rain overnight.

Tandem and I cooked in the ski patrol shelter, which is provided as a shelter to AT hikers, and the group had fun hanging out during the sunset and joking about stuff.

Total mileage today was three miles.


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