Day 117

Day 117

We woke up in Thomas Levardi’s backyard, and I packed up. Tandem was already packed and headed over to the Cumberland Farms convenience store for coffee. After thanking Tom, I joined her and got Coke and a danish.

We left there around 8:45. We had a lot of road walking in Dalton and stopped at a park for a micro Geocache. It was in the hiding hole backwards, so I needed Tandem to get it out; after signing the log, I put it back the right direction for the next finder.

We headed to the end of town and started the first climb of the day, up 800 feet to the top of North Mountain. On top, we passed Gore Pond,Week_17_Day_117.jpeg just one of many ponds that we’d pass today. On the descent, I was pushing it too fast and fell forward across a short, sharp stump. Luckily, it scraped but didn’t stab me.

At the bottom of the mountain, we passed through Cheshire where there is an ice cream shop right on the trail. We stopped there for lunch on their picnic tables, and I enjoyed some soft serve ice cream after that.

After fueling up our bodies, we started our long climb up Greylock Mountain. We met our first true AT SOBO hiker, Toey, coming down the mountain; he had started May 31 on Mount Katahdin. We also caught up with Biscuit, who we hadn’t seen since Hot Springs. He was back on the trail after a medical break and doing short mileage days, so that may be the last that we see of him.

Week_17_Day_117a.jpegAfter summiting Greylock, the highest elevation in Massachussetts, we enjoyed a break by the tower commemorating the war heroes from the state. Everyone in this picture is a thru hiker from the “hiker cloud” we are in.

Our target to end the day was the Wilbur Clearing shelter 3.4 miles away. That required crossing Mt Fitch and Mt Williams and made the total mileage for the day 21 miles.

When we arrived at the shelter, I found a free tent platform and we cooked dinner on it. After eating, Tandem mentioned privately to me needing some “me time” on the trail and that she was going to move on solo tomorrow early in the morning.

I set up my free standing tent on the flat wooden platform and crashed again without writing the blog for the day.


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