Weekly Wrap Up: Week 16

June 29 – July 5

Miles Hiked: 110

  • Weekly Average:  15.7  miles/day
  • Total:  1501
  • Overall Average: 13.4
  • Zero Days: 1 / Total: 13

Money Spent: $414

  • Town Food/Lodging: $63
  • Trail Food: $113
  • Laundry: $4
  • Gear: $234

Highlight of the Week

Jerry:  When Tandem’s blogging buddy Jukebox caught up with us in Pauling, NY, which made her happy.

Bennett: Having a past hiker friend, Jukebox, catch up to us. He hiked many miles very quickly to do so, and I’ve enjoyed his humor and awesome music/NPR podcasts while hiking.

Karen: Getting the written confirmation that our health insurance has been reinstated retroactive to the start of the hike.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: Having the boisterous guy intrude on and disturb our Fifth of July fireworks viewing experience on the top of Bear Mountain.

Bennett: USA losing soccer. Boo.

Karen: Having Carson home for the Fourth of July weekend yet seeing her for about a total of 12 minutes.

Memory of the Week

Jerry: Being in the cute and hiker-friendly town of Pauling for the viewing of the USA vs Germany World Cup soccer match, even though USA lost. While there, I was also able to get the hole in the seat of my pants sewn shut by Marie of the Yarn & Craft Box. Thank you, Marie!

Bennett: Spending the day in Kent, CT, to dry out after a huge storm. We had delicious coffee, an awesome lunch with our extended family, and then had the most wonderful luck ever. Pat saw us just before we were going to leave town out into another storm. He invited us back to his home in the mountains, let us shower and watch tv, and told us so many great stories of his experiences hiking in Alaska and working on a crab boat. He was so welcoming and wonderful to us. I was thankful for the roof over our head during the rain and for meeting such a cool person.

Karen: When talking with Bennett this week she said that they will finish earlier than I had anticipated. I had calculated that they’d finish at Labor Day and planned to spend the week in Maine to be there at the end. (Not actually hike anywhere, mind you, just be there.) She pointed out that I had been using their overall average pace, which included the days at home and the lower-mile days of their start. When I calculated using their pace over the last seven weeks (closer to 17 than 13 mpd), it appears they’ll finish around August 15.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up: Week 16

  1. They are indeed making great miles per day currently. The mid-Atlantic states lend themselves to big mile days. Since their reports are several days behind where they actually are, I’m assuming they are in Massachusetts by now. ( 7/11/14 ). The trail gets much tougher now and on into Vermont. New Hampshire and Maine are the two most difficult states. They might see their milage per day drop. I think 20 mile days are unlikely through the last two states. However, they are doing great, and I wish them well in finishing early. However, I wouldn’t book a flight to Maine until I saw how they progress through New Hampshire.

    • Because of work commitments and moving one into college, I can’t go anywhere anytime in August, so no flight booking for me. I’ll be interested to see how it really ends up given the terrain of this last bit.

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