Day 110

Day 110

Much against my desired sleeping quarters rule, I woke in the Mt Algo shelter this morning, mostly unbitten by mosquitos. We packed and ate, and Mio left ahead of us. Tandem, Jukebox, and I followed shortly after at 8:15, carefully crossing what had been a torrent of a creek 14 hours earlier.

We hiked .3 miles to Macedonia Road and caught up with Mio. We each grabbed another soda from the semi-cold cooler near the road and started walking the .8 miles to the center of Kent. We passed the Kent School along the way, which is an expensive high school on a campus that looks like a college. We arrived in Kent and headed directly to the Kent Coffee & Chocolate Company. They offer coffee with a free refill. Timon and Pumba joined us and we talked about how expensive Kent is and how the town doesn’t need hiker money.

Week_16_Day_110aTandem, Mio, and I went back to the Backcountry Outfitters, which didn’t have much of what we needed, but I did get fuel and duct tape. After returning to our packs and loading up, Tandem and I went down to the Sun Dog Shoes store with Mio. I was shopping to replace my Vasque Breeze boots, which were torn in many places and missing pieces of the soles. I had a good experience shopping for new lower profile shoes and ended up with size 13 Merrill Moabs. Fortunately, the doctored size 14 insoles from my old boots fit the new size 13 shoes. I also got a second pair of Darn Tough ATC socks and threw away my old boots.

We left Mio and headed over to the Kent Pizza Garden restaurant to meet my relatives. As we entered the parking lot, I saw her and we waved to each other. We greeted each other with hugs and met my cousins Curt Miner and Betsey Mitchell and her husband. Curt and Betsey are the children of my uncle George.

We had a great lunch together, discussing the Miner family history and our hike. We remembered when Diane and Curt took a trip to see my aunt Jill in Florida in 1969 and visited with my mother Elaine and us in Atlanta on the way home. There were discussions about my cousin Mick Miner, son of my uncle Harry, and also about Uncle Albert. We took pictures and parted after a couple of hours of reminiscing and bonding.

Tandem and I headed over to the Davis IGA to restock food for a few days to get to Great Barrington, MA. The food prices were very expensive there, but we bought smart and didn’t overdo it. After leaving we passed the old railroad station.

We went to the library next to charge things and chill out and found Jukebox there. I wrote a recommendation for Eagle Scout candidate Week_16_Day_110bMichael Mattus from my old Troop. Other library patrons were talking about severe weather coming in, which got me thinking about that. Due to the weather, we decided to stay in Kent in the back yard of a clothing shop across from the coffee shop.

We went out front to pack the packs for the walk down North Main, and Jukebox and I met a woman from town who wanted to discuss our experiences and asked what we are doing next. We explained our plan to stay there, and she offered us the use of the porch of her book store next door if the weather got really bad.

Then Pat Redmond walked up and joined in the conversation. He was very humorous and reminded me of my father. He offered to take us to his house and let us stay on the floor of his master bedroom, which is being remodeled for his son and future wife. Their wedding is in New Hampshire next weekend.

We crammed into Pat’s car and headed up to his house, which is perched on a hill overlooking Fuller and Pond Mountains. The property is surrounded by national park lands and the view is amazing! We settled into the master bedroom upstairs and unpacked our wet stuff to dry. We met his son and daughter and enjoyed seeing the cats, dogs, and turtle. The dark clouds and thunder started blowing in late in the afternoon. Tandem and I made the dehydrated meal we got last week from the sectional southbound couple.

We enjoyed the evening and Pat’s company while watching Armageddon and having a bowl of ice cream. After the movie, we said our goodnights and headed to bed.


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