Day 109

Day 109

I woke at 5:00 this morning to the sound of rain falling on my tent. I laid there thinking how glad I was that I had put my fly on last night. I contemplated putting on my raincoat, but checked the rain level first. It was the nursery’s sprinkler!

I got up, packed up, and Tandem and I had breakfast together at the picnic table in back. We loaded up and headed across the road to join the AT. Just as we started at 6:00, the nursery owner’s car pulled in. I went back and got my AT Passport stamped. The owner wanted to meet Tandem, so he joined me in crossing the road again. They talked about the hike, and we said our goodbyes.

We left Jukebox by the side of the road waiting for Mio, who had slept in. We made good time over the first six miles, making it to the Wiley shelter by 8:45. One and half miles later we crossed the Connecticut state line, our tenth state! After a climb and descent, Mio and Jukebox caught up with us.

Week_16_Day_109The four of us hiked to the Ten Mile River shelter. We chilled there in the heat, had lunch, pumped water, and swam in the river while Tandem napped. Them we hiked to the top of Schaghticoke Mountain, which was a tough 1000 foot climb. At the view, we sat behind a camp group that was writing in logbooks about their hike. We kidded and made fun of them to ourselves.

We headed out again across the mountain as the sound of thunder started rumbling to the west of us. We hiked on to the northeast, crossing back into NY and then back into Connecticut for good. We had a pair of climbs ahead of us in the last two miles just as it started to pour buckets of rain with thunder and lightning. Many of the lightning bolts hit within a mile of me, who was dragging in the back.

I arrived at the Mt Algo shelter and ducked in out of the rain. I air dried slowly while we made dinner. Jukebox had gone .3 miles further down to the road and brought back sodas for us. There were two other section hikers in the shelter, so Tandem and Jukebox set up their hammocks. The rain was stopping.

We were all in our sleeping bags by 19:00. It is a 1.1 mile hike into Kent tomorrow. I am looking forward to more trail magic sodas tomorrow morning.

We will be having lunch with our relatives Curt and Diane Miner tomorrow! They are driving in from Warwick, Rhode Island. I will also be replacing my worn out boots at Sundog Shoe tomorrow.

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