Weekly Wrap Up: Week 15

June 22-28

Miles Hiked: 102

  • Weekly Average:  14,6  miles/day
  • Total:  1391
  • Overall Average: 13.3
  • Zero Days: 1 / Total: 12

Money Spent: $205

  • Town Food/Lodging: $140
  • Trail Food: $62
  • Gear: $3

Highlight of the Week

Jerry:  After getting a cortisone shot in my left foot and a pressure point shifting pad added to my left insole on Monday morning, my left foot is so much easier to hike on. I am back to being able to do 20+ mile days!

Bennett: I’ve loved being able to walk along picking blueberries and mulberries and now even a few blackberries. They’re delicious treats, and I’m inspired to start a garden to keep being around all these beautiful plants.

Karen: A very unexpected, very much appreciated thank you for the work the I’ve been doing at my new job.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: Being in Delaware Water Gap long enough that Tandem started feeling depressed about not hiking.

Bennett: This week of hiking has been a huge mental challenge. For a few days, every time we crossed a road I had the urge to stick my thumb out and hitch a ride to the nearest airport.

Karen: Getting a bill for services provided from a clinic on the trail saying we had no insurance coverage at the time of service and not being able to straighten it out because I’m not the employee. And thinking of all the medical bills I knew were going to follow that one…

Memory of the Week

Jerry: The entire day on Friday was memorable. It started with my plan to hike 90 miles in 4.5 days so that we are at a tavern in Pawling, NY, by 16:00 on Tuesday afternoon for the US v Belgium soccer match. I was treated to fresh vanilla and raspberry ice cream with chocolate chunks and a cream soda at the Bellvale Creamery. Finally, I crossed the NJ state line into NY and thought about my dad and how proud he would be of me.

Bennett: Everything about Friday cheered me up. Good trail company, listened to an audiobook out loud, and entered New York (state #9). We missed hot dogs & soda (twice!) but had delicious ice cream from a local creamery around the corner from the AT at the end of the day. Even had to scare some 450lb (ish) bears out of our campsite!

Karen: Being invited for dinner at a friend’s house one night — good food, good company, good fun — and then having another friend surprise me by coming by to make dinner the next.


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