Day 103

Day 103

This morning in the Murray cabin was a slow, casual time. I woke to find that Tandem had moved outside and set up her hammock due to the discomfort of not having an air pad. Forester Gump was still asleep, so Mio read while I wrote my blog update. We got up at 8:00, packed and ate, and I woke Tandem at 9:00.

We left the cabin at 10:30 to hike the two miles to Unionville. Once in town, we walked a block to the Wits End Tavern where we sat outside until it opened at 11:45. The place was empty, so we sat at the bar and ordered beverages. We ordered food after Forester Gump joined us and watched the soccer match between USA and Germany. It was entertaining despite the Germany 1-0 victory, but USA moves on anyway to play Belgium in an elimination match next Tuesday afternoon.
In between eating and watching the soccer, I worked on contacting my employer to remedy a problem with our health insurance coverage. We all were able to charge our phones at the tavern. Most of us left, but Forester Gump decided to stay for another burger and more soccer.

We went up the street to Horler’s General Store where we got snacks and hung out on the porch with Timon, Simba, and Honey Bear. They were hiking to a shelter 17 miles ahead. We decided to hike to a creek short of that shelter and left for the trail at 15:30.

We hiked up Pochuck Mountain, which wore me out. We stopped near the Pochuck shelter and found Ragnar getting ready to leave after a break. We gave him a couple of Mosey’s belongings to carry forward.

Tandem and I continued to hike across small, tough-to-climb hills. We crossed County Road 517 and walked the long boardwalk toward Pochuck Creek. It started to rain, so we stopped under the support structure for the suspension bridge over the creek.

Week_15_Day_103bMio came along, and we made dinner there. The rains had stopped, but it was getting late, so we set up camp under the suspension bridge. Walkers and runners came by overhead until 19:30. Honey Bear arrived at 20:00 and decided to stop and camp with us. He had wild mushrooms, which he cooked on Mio’s stove and shared with everyone.

We were fighting the mosquitos, so Tandem and I got in our shelters shortly after that. The bugs are bad here.

We hiked 13 miles today.


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