Day 99

A zero day in Delaware Water Gap and East Stroudsburg! We had slept in the outside room of the Church of the Mountain Hostel; some of the other hikers, like Mosey and his son Jungle Jim, were preparing to get back on the trail. We fiddled with our phones for a while and packed our packs to leave as well. Scout wanted to find his first Geocache, so we went out and grabbed one close to the hostel in Delaware Water Gap. It was a regular and he enjoyed what was in the large cammo’ed pill bottle.

Week_15_Day_99A small group of us went down to the Village Farmer and Bakery and got the special of apple pie and a hotdog, which they call True Love. It was 8:30 on a Sunday morning, so the hotdogs needed to be prepared.

After breakfast, we headed back to the hostel via the Edge of the Woods Outfitter. Ragnar and Mio sat in a canoe outside with the bear.

We grabbed our packs from the hostel and headed over to I-80 for a hitch to the Super 8 in East Stroudsburg. On our way, a nice woman in a large van stopped and asked where we were going then offered us a ride! Tandem, Mio, Ragnar, and I Week_15_Day_99apiled into the van with our packs. She took us to the Super 8 and Mio checked in for us. Ragnar wasn’t staying, but came along for the adventure.

Some of us showered and then we made the one mile walk to the Walmart for restocking. Ragnar rode in Mio’s shopping cart in the store. I got what I needed, then Tandem and I picked up three more meals covering five days ahead. We paid, arranged the new food in our food bags, and walked back to the hotel where Ragnar took a nap, Tandem checked her phone, and Mio and I watched the World Cup Soccer match that was on while our laundry was going. We decided to watch the USA play Portugal at the Trackside Station Bar & Grill, so I called and made a reservation for five since Blue Eyes would be joining us.

The laundry finished just in time for us to put on clean clothes. We started walking the 1.1 miles to downtown East Stroudsburg, arriving right at 18:00. We got a high top table and chairs for five. A large group of hikers came in later with The Lorax, including Blue Eyes.

The USA and Portugal played to a last minute tie, but the match was fun to watch and cheer for. We each ordered a $6 pitcher of beer, and Mio and I both had a $5 nacho plate. The neighboring table bought us a pitcher for our thru hikes. We thanked them with our fake mustaches on. They laughed and we shook hands.

As the beer and car wreck shots flowed, everyone got feeling very happy for the soccer. A hiker at another table was painting faces with patriotic designs for the USA.

After the match, I headed back to the hotel to crash. The Lorax drove by and offered me a ride to the hotel, so I got in the back of the pickup truck with Blue Eyes. They dropped me off, and I crashed in our room before Tandem and Mio got back at midnight.


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