Weekly Wrap Up: Week 13

June 8-14

Miles Hiked: 128

  • Weekly Average:  18.3 miles/day
  • Total:  1153
  • Overall Average: 12.7
  • Zero Days: 0 / Total: 11

Money Spent: $288

  • Town Food/Lodging: $163
  • Trail Food: $83
  • Entertainment (Pool)/Shower: $8
  • Gear: $21
  • Postage: $13

Highlight of the Week

Jerry: Slackpacking the 20 trail miles from Pine Grove Furnace State park to Boiling Springs with Mio and Tandem thanks to Mio’s father driving our gear. That includes our enjoyable stay in the Allenberry Resort Inn while storms and flash flooding were going on outside.

Bennett: Spending time in Harpers and being welcomed in so kindly by Laura and Ron. As the owners of the Harper’s Ferry Outfitter, they are my favorite people I’ve met in a town so far. Their house was beautiful, they let me stay upstairs in their outfitter, and they even surprised Scout, Ragnar, and me with dinner and beer when they brought us our packs in PA after slackpaking the 43 mile/four state challenge. Cooking out on their new grill and sharing stories with them and a few other hikers on Sunday evening was perfect.

Karen: Hanging out with friends … good weather, good food, good wine, good conversation.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: Still having issues with my left foot, like recurring blisters and the aching ball of the foot.

Bennett: Rain on rain on rain. Was nice slackpaking during some of it and being able to enjoy a trail run for the first time, but it was quite cold after. Constantly having wet clothes is no fun, and sadly there’s more to come.

Karen: Christopher leaving for Canada for the summer.

Memory of the Week

Jerry: Arriving in Smithsburg and going to the Post Office for a package expected the next day and finding out that it arrived that morning! Not only did that save on lodging, but it got me back on the trail the same day with Johnny Utah!

Bennett: Hanging out in Boiling Springs, playing ping pong & pool with Johnny Utah, and enjoying meeting Mio’s dad. The hotel break was SO needed, and the hot shower was a blessing.

Karen: Going to Athens with Carson for her UGA Orientation.


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