Day 91

Day 91

Brrrrr! A Canadian front blew into the southern Pennsylvania mountains last night! It felt great to wake up to cooler and less humid air. Tandem asked me to wake her early, so I was beside her hammock at 5:30. She told me that was too early. I returned to my tent, started packing and eating, and had my gear packed by 6:30.

Tandem was close behind, and we left the Darlington shelter campsite at 7:30, immediately hitting a rocky trail. The rocky hiking continued most of the day except for the few miles on the streets of Duncannon.

Week_13_Day_91Once I reached Duncannon, I found Tandem and Mio having lunch on the sidewalk in front of the Sunoco mart. They had bought chips and drinks, so I got a Coke to go with my tuna wraps and a pint of chocolate ice cream for dessert.

After lunch, we started our half hour hike along the streets of Duncannon, crossing the Juniata and Susquehanna rivers on highway bridges before climbing 950 feet to the top of Peters Mountain. There was a crew of trail maintenance guys trimming the trail with weed whackers all of the way to the top of the mountain and down the other side. We thanked them for their work.

On we hiked over the rocks, stopping for breaks as needed. We reached the Clark’s Ferry shelter and got water to carry seven miles to the Peters Mountain shelter, where water is 300 steps down a .10 mile steep trail. I carried four liters, which is eight pounds.

We hiked down to the Peters Mountain shelter by 18:30, completing 22.6 miles for the day. Tandem, Mio, Ragnar, and a couple of other hikers all rolled into the shelter with me. Johnny Utah was there eating dinner and preparing to move on to a campsite near water four miles away.

After dinner, Ragnar and I played Tandem and Mio at a game of Spades, which lost to a run of luck with Mio bidding low.



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