Weekly Wrap Up: Week 11

May 25 – May 31

Miles Hiked: 123

  • Weekly Average: 17.5
  • Total:  891
  • Overall Average: 11.6
  • Zero Days: 0 / Total: 11

Money Spent: $316

  • Town Food/Lodging: $151
  • Movie: $16
  • Trail Food: $135
  • Laundry/Shower: $14

Highlight of the Week

Jerry:  Hiking our first 27+ mile day on Sunday, which makes us feel more comfortable with 20+ mile days.

Bennett: Getting a perfectly timed ride into Buena Vista, being able to get a shower and laundry done, and chatting with the hostel owner’s husband who gladly drove us around and hung out with — it was really a pleasure.

Karen: Having Carson home for the afternoon to attend her senior graduate luncheon at OLA.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: Killing the Rattlesnake, rather than going around it. Also, not taking enough pictures with those that we are helped by with transportation or trail magic.

Bennett: Kicking myself for not taking pictures of Alex or of a group of bicyclists who stopped us to ask a ton of questions and offered us lunch.

Karen: The permanent closing of an online community that I’ve visited almost daily for 13 years. Bye, TWOP friends.

Memory of the Week

Jerry: Spending a rainy nero day off trail in Waynesboro, VA, and being hosted by 2004 thru hiker Alex Hausrath. He picked us up from the trail and drove us all around to where we needed! It is wonderful having a new friend like this be so interested in what we are experiencing and helping us out with getting settled and even out to our first on-trail movie. To top it all off, he bought us brunch before returning us to the trail via a stop at the outfitters!

Bennett: Alex was such a blessing last week in Waynesboro. He left work last minute to pick us up out of the rain; he drove us to the hotel and an awesome lunch at Heritage and later to a movie; and he even treated us to breakfast in the morning before driving us back to the trail! It was great hearing him talk about his AT experience and the town, and it was interesting discussing bitcoin and diets.

Karen: Being displaced at work as they started summer construction; the challenge of coming back after a day off to move all our stuff to the other side of the building and try to get things done in a strange place without half our stuff. But at least we get to wear casual clothes…


One thought on “Weekly Wrap Up: Week 11

  1. Maybe the justifiable reason for killing the rattlesnake is, it was totally necessary to protect another hiker whom may not have seen or heard him and been bitten while out on the trail hiking alone.

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