Day 74

Day 74

I awoke still thinking about the Rattlesnake that I killed yesterday. I even made that my confession for the Priest shelter logbook, where everyone confesses something.

We left the shelter by 6:30. After finishing the climb up Priest Mountain, we dropped 3000 feet in five miles to the Tye River and AT suspension bridge. I love suspension bridges!

Then came the 3000 foot climb up the other side to the top of Three Ridges Mountain. A third of the way up, we took a snack and water break at the Harpers Creek shelter. That was a hard steep climb! That is the last time we will be above 4000 feet until New Hampshire and the Week-11_Day-74Whites.

After descending Three Ridges Mountain, we took a lunch break at 13:00 at the Maupin Field shelter, where we met Scout and Viking. Scout said that she had been to Philmont in 2008. We left after them, and the rest of the afternoon was spent traversing the Blue Ridge Parkway and hiking over many rocks below it.

We took our third break of the day at the Blue Ridge Parkway crossing at Reeds Gap, where there is a spring. Reeds Gap is mile 13.6 on the BRP, which means we are running out if that road and will soon enter the Shenandoah National Forest. Tandem blew up her mattress and took a nap by the road.

After filling our water, we left for the last climb of the day up to a camp near the top of Humpback Mountain. I got there first and quickly set up my tent due to the distant sound of thunder. I was 10 feet from the AT and the view was fantastic! Tandem got delayed due to not being sure which campsite we were stopping in but finally came up to the top with Mio.

We made pasta after she hung her tent. We ate with Mio while the storms popped up all around us. It was windy and cooling down on top of the mountain. We retired by 20:00.

We arrive in Waynesboro tomorrow for a free hiker dinner at the Lutheran church and hostel. We may stay at the hostel since their price is based on donations. If not, we will split a hotel room with other hikers. I look forward to charging up this dying phone and my dead USB battery charger.

I has just started to rain, which it’s supposed to do all night and into tomorrow.


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