The “Hike Your Own Hike” Post

From Bennett’s blog:

Okay, let me give you another thing to criticize. Buzz and I are spending three days in Atlanta, at home, before Trail Days 2014. Buzz’ shin isn’t healing & he’s also contracted a virus. So, instead of paying for 5 nights of hotels & twiddling our thumbs there, we decided to hitch a ride with my brother heading home from college. This gives Buzz the much needed opportunity to visit an orthopedist & rest up at home.

Something about this weird turn of events, returning home, has caused me to have a revelation. In preparation for my thru-hike and during this first third of the hike, I’ve been treating it like a break from reality. It’s been this adventure I’m doing after college before my real life starts. I’ve thought of it as a temporary lifestyle with certain rules I have to follow. Rules like not shaving, eating whatever I want, overindulging when in towns, and not going further than 15 miles from the trail at any time.

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