Map View: Days 46-60

The Cheat Sheet

Days 46-53: Chatfield Shelter (mile 538) to War Spur Shelter (mile 663).

Day 53: Hiked out to road, then shuttled an hour north to Dalesville (mile 723) around 7 pm.

Day 54: Zero day in Daleville to visit a clinic about Buzz’s shin pain.

Day 55: Zero day in Daleville; joined by Christopher and  Ron on the way home from Villanova and spent the night in Troutville.

Day 56: Dropped off back on the trail at Rocky Gap (mile 665). Christopher and Ron continue to Lake Wylie, SC. Buzz and Tandem hike to mile 678 to camp.  Buzz gets violently ill overnight.

Day 57: Hiked out short distance to VA 421 to wait for Christopher. Drove to Blacksburg Regional for a check up and IV fluids, then to Lake Wylie.

Day 58: Home to Atlanta.

Days 59-60: Zero days in ATL.


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