Weekly Wrap Up: Week 9

May 11 – May 17

Miles Driven: 778

Miles Hiked: 2.7

  • Weekly Average: 0.4
  • Total:  675
  • Overall Average: 10.7
  • Zero Days: 6 / Total: 11

Money Spent: $320

  • Town Food/Lodging: $159
  • Hiker Prom Outfits: $11
  • Rental Car/Gas: $256
  • Prescriptions: $32
  • Dry Cleaning: $45
  • Bennett’s Gear Returned: ($185)

Highlight of the Week

Jerry:  Finding out that my stomach virus was not Giardia or the Norovirus and that it passed on Sunday.

Bennett: This week was full of highlights! Encountering a huge hiker feed with quesadillas, lasagna, hotdogs, salad and even more was such a pleasant surprise. Think my real highlight this week has been spending a little time at home with my mom and sister. Getting to go graduation dress shopping and get my nails done with Carson as well as give her her graduation present in person was really great.

Karen: Having the entire family home together for the first time since Christmas.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: Realizing today that we have only hiked 2.7 miles this week.

Bennett: Having Buzz be so sick and hurt. As nice as it was to be home, I wish it had been under better circumstances.

Karen: Being so busy and stressed at work that I didn’t have as much time to spend with family as I would have liked.

Memory of the Week

Jerry: Being at home for three days to rejuvenate, lighten my pack, see Couch Control and Carson, and get the shin iced and checked by an orthopedist.

Bennett: Trail Days! Being in Damascus and seeing so many new and familiar faces has been awesome. Catching up with people like Kozi and Bison, meeting a lot of the other Appalachian Trials bloggers and Zach himself, participating in the hiker parade, and trying to win free gear from vendors. Its been a cool weekend, and I can’t wait to come back another year.

Karen: Getting to stand backstage during graduation and being able to hug Carson right before she walked across to get her diploma.


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