Leaving Atlanta

Day 61 —  Zero Day 4

Tandem and I were packed and loaded by 8:30. We woke Christopher, ate breakfast, and woke him again. We left for Enterprise by 8:45 and were on the road to Damascus in our Dodge Charger by 9:00.  We made good time up I-85 to Greenville but got slowed by the back roads that followed going to I-26.

We had lunch at Subway before getting on the interstate and saved half our foot-longs for another meal later. We took I-26 to I-81 toward Damascus in a steady rain. About 20 miles from our exit, we passed a wet hiker on the road thumbing for a ride. We pulled over, and Grizzly came up and introduced himself as we put his pack in the trunk. He is from MA and had just returned from home to the Tri Cities Airport. He’d been able to hitch a ride to the highway but not much further.

When we arrived in Damascus, we drove around to see what was going on. We had heard from Kozi that there was free Week_9_Day61camping at a house across from the park. Grizzly was dropped by the ball fields at Tent City, where it is $5 to enter, and we went back through town to the house which had tents and Jiffy Johnny’s set up in the yard. It was raining, so we sat in the dry car waiting for it to stop.

During a lull in the downpour, we got out and took our packs over to the yard. We introduced ourselves to the owners, who were kind and told us the camping rules. We had a joyful reunion with Bison and Kozi, and I set up my tent near theirs. Tandem couldn’t find a tree to hang her hammock from, but others had been hung high from a big tree in the yard with lots of large branches. Someone overheard us discussing the issue and offered Tandem an extra tent, which she set  up next to mine

We hung out staying dry for the rest of the afternoon before heading to the bingo hall by Tent City for a free barbecue dinner sponosred by the churches of Damascus. I had three  desserts. After dinner, we went across the street to view  Terry Coyle’s (aka Seven) documentary ‘2013 Thru-Hikers’. It is a great movie, and he is making a 2014 version also.

After the movie we had a beer at the Blue Blaze Bar before heading back to to tents.


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