Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 8

May 4 – May 10

Miles Hiked: 59

  • Weekly Average: 8.4
  • Total:  672
  • Overall Average: 12
  • Zero Days: 2 / Total: 5

Money Spent: $675

  • Town Food/Lodging: $358
  • Trail Food/Supplies: $102
  • Gear: $68
  • Shuttles: $102
  • Prescription: $45

Highlight of the Week

Jerry:  Seeing my son Christopher in my Trailblazer full of his dorm stuff pull up in the parking lot to pick us up in Daleville.

Bennett: Getting to spend time with Christopher and Grandpa in Daleville. It was only for a short time, but it was really great having the chance to see family and get a touch of home.

Karen: Having my friends bring over pizza after school one day and hanging out and catching up.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: Injuring my left shin hiking downhill too aggressively into Pearisburg and having to pay $100 to be shuttled from Rocky Gap to spend a couple of zero days recovering in a cheap HoJo’s in Daleville.

Bennett: After eating at a restaurant in Pearisburg, I came down with food poisoning and spent the whole night at the shelter awake and sick. The next day, I still couldn’t stand to eat anything, so I had to hike 13 miles on no sleep and no calories. It was miserable.

Karen: Having my baby finish her last day of high school.

Memory of the Week

Jerry: Getting to drive my Trailblazer loaded with Tandem, my father in law, my son, all of his dorm room stuff, and our packs back up into the mountains from Daleville to get back on trail at Rocky Gap, even with the rain.

Bennett: I really enjoyed staying at Woods Hole Hostel! It was cozy and welcoming. The food was absolutely delicious, and, as always, the company of other hikers was a blast. Even got to do afternoon yoga!

Karen: Sitting in the pouring rain watching the lacrosse team make a great comeback from 3-7 at the half to a 13-10 win in the first round of the state playoffs. Go Lions!


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