Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 6

April 20-26

Miles Hiked: 94

  • Weekly Average: 13.4/day
  • Total:  495
  • Overall Average: 11.8/day
  • Zero Days: 1 / Total: 3

Money Spent:  $307

  • Gear: $35
  • Town Food/Lodging: $110
  • Trail Food/Supplies: $122
  • Prescription: $17
  • Postage: $23

Highlight of the Week

Jerry:  Sitting under a small covered sign in the pouring rain on Monday and being offered snacks and sodas in the parking lot by a pair of trail angels who showed up to restock the church trail food box.

Bennett: Hanging out at Black Bear Resort with Nineteen, Bubba, DaVinci, Cowboy & Cornwall. Loved watching movie after movie with them and meeting the wonderfully adorable family that ran the resort. The hike out past the waterfall the morning after was superb as well.

Karen: Having my parents visit.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: Having to go to the clinic in Damascus to have my blister and cut thumb treated.

Bennett: The day we left Damascus. Glad to leave, felt homesick again and pretty sick.

Karen: Missing the family being together on Easter. Then getting a call from Bennett during which she told me that Jerry fell and they made an unplanned stop in town to go to the hospital.  About five hours later I heard from her again. “I didn’t say ‘hospital’. I said ‘hostel‘.”

Memory of the Week

Jerry: The stay in Damascus, hanging with friendly hikers and zeroing there on a beautiful day.

Bennett: Reuniting with a few people we’d met 350 miles back in Franklin and meeting a few new faces. Had fun playing Spades, watching live music, eating, and going to the brewery.

Karen: How beautiful Carson looked for the prom.


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