Day 35

Day 35

Week5_19We woke up with the rest of the thru hikers in the Overmountain shelter around 7:00. I was surprised to find about a dozen others sleeping in the barn who had come in after I fell asleep. They were all sorority girls from the University of Florida. We packed quietly and went downstairs.

Tandem and I had cold breakfasts and prepped for the sprinkling rainy weather. We headed out up Little Hump and Hump mountains. They were deceivingly tough climbs! After that it was mostly downhill. We passed the sign saying that we were leaving North Carolina forever.

At the bottom of the hill, we went .3 miles to the Mountain Harbour Hostel to restock food for $7. We ate our lunch on the deck and watched the goats and horses. Time To Eat showed up for his zero day stay in the suite with the hot tub. We packed up in the drizzle and headed back to the trail for the nine mile hike to the Mountaineer shelter.Week5_18

We passed Isaacs Cemetery and paused due it being Easter eve. A little later we reached a Baptist church and tapped into the spigot water on the side of the church. We skipped seeing Jones Falls up close, but saw it later through the woods. We passed the 400 mile mark today, right before the shelter. We also saw the Mountaineer Falls close up, since it is only .1 miles from the shelter.

At the shelter, we found 19, Bubba, Max, and a few other hikers. With another chance of rain tonight, we are all staying in the three-level shelter. We had mashed potatoes and Pasta Alfredo for dinner, and eight of us gathered around a fire. Tandem and I went to bed at 21:00.



2 thoughts on “Day 35

  1. Enjoying following the hike. I wish Travis would get those blisters taken care of once and for all. Don’t end up in the emergency room with staph infections like I did, Travis. All as the result of recurring blisters that got infected.

    I put Vaseline on my feet daily now when I hike. Got the tip from a female trail runner.

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