Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 3

March 30 – April 5

Miles Hiked: 73

  • Weekly Average: 10.4/day
  • Total:  217
  • Overall Average:  10.3/day
  • Zero Days Taken: 1

Money Spent: $674

  • Gear: $222
  • Town Food/Lodging: $301
  • Trail Food/Supplies: $87
  • Postage: $64

Highlight of the Week

Jerry: Getting new boots that fit my feet and stop the pain.

Bennett: Entering the Smokies and having such BEAUTIFUL weather. I was so worried we’d be walking through feet of snow, but it’s been gorgeous. I didn’t believe the people who said this forest would be so pretty, but it absolutely has been. Just amazing views.

Karen: The “goodbye OLA” party thrown for me by the fabulous and very funny women of the Marketing Committee.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: The condition of my feet all week in boots that were too tight.

Bennett: Well, with the great weather in the Smokies comes lots of sun. I’d misplaced my sunscreen and totally lost my sunglasses, so all I could do for two days was walk and feel my body being sunburned. It hurt terribly to sleep on, and it wasn’t much fun to have a pack rubbing against my neck. Luckily, I picked up some lotion and more sunscreen in Gatlinburg, so good to go.

Karen: Mailing a box of supplies to Gatlinburg, only to realize I’d left out Bennett’s portable phone charger – the one thing I knew she really wanted – and having to overnight another package the next day at twice the price of the first.

Memory of the Week

Jerry: The nero spent at the Fontana Hilton shelter and with other hikers in Fontana Village. I loved the sausage dog at the Pit Stop.

Bennett: Finally getting a trail name! When we arrived at the Fontana Dam General Store, I ran into Lobster who asked if I had one yet. When I said no, she said she had been thinking about it. She enjoyed always seeing me hiking with my dad and said, “How do you feel about the name ‘Tandem’ cause you’re riding the AT with your dad?” And thus I became ‘Tandem’.

Karen: Realizing that our landscapers obviously think mowing our yard is optional all of a sudden.


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