Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 2

A couple of people asked why I hadn’t included my week in last week’s wrap-up, so from now on I will. Let it be known that “miles hiked” will always be 0.   ~Karen

March 23 – 29

Miles Hiked: 75

  • Weekly Average: 10.7/day
  • Total: 144
  • Overall Average: 10.3/day

Money Spent: $553

  • Gear: $247
  • Food/Lodging: $149
  • Supplies: $35
  • Postage: $83
  • Permits: $40

Highlight of the Week

Jerry: Crossing the NC state line after a big climb and seeing the most photographed tree on the AT.

Bennett: Arriving in the NOC to sit down to a delicious hamburger lunch with Bison, Kozi, Inflammable, Nick and Buzz. Just hanging out at the NOC with all them and enjoying the company of these people we’ve really gotten to know over the last weeks was awesome.

Karen: Celebrating Carson’s 18th birthday.

Lowlight of the Week

Jerry: Having a blister on the end of my toe become infected, and it still is.

Bennett: Having an awesome hike through the snow down into Franklin then getting really upset for no reason. Think the mix of FaceTiming everyone back home and having Mother Goose seriously judge me with her tone when I said I don’t have a trail name yet just made me have my first trail breakdown.

Karen: Unintentionally upsetting Bennett when she was already having a rough day on the trail.

Memory of the Week

Jerry: The evening spent around the Wayah Bald shelter, with a great campfire and friends trading stories about others on the trail. My morale was up!

Bennett: LOVED the service at Outdoor76. They fitted me for new trail runners and taught me all about my feet and different types of shoes. Turns out, I’ve been wearing too-small shoes (size 8.5) for forever; I have narrow feet, not wide feet like I thought; and I have super short toes. So now I have an awesome pair of Brooks Cascadia size 41 (9.5) trail runners with insoles I’m loving.

Karen: Watching the lacrosse team’s joy at beating their arch-rivals in a tough game, after which the announcer called Carson to the stands, where she got asked to the prom.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 2

  1. To Jerry. Be very mindful of the infected blister. A few years back I got blisters while hiking up north. Got infected, and I ended up with a very serious staff infection that put me in the emergency room and off the trail.

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