Day 7

Day 7

Today was not a ‘zero’ day, but with 3 early morning miles from Deep Gap campsite to Dicks Creek, and the rest of the afternoon off, it seemed like it. At the top of our climb, we met Gray Ghost’s son in law and friend with Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits. They were SO good!

The last 1.5 miles down into Dicks Creek Gap were quite a rolling descent. We did it in about 40 minutes and hit Dicks Creek Gap at 9:50. The trail magic continued in the gap with Coke and citrus. We hung out talking with other thru hikers until Karen showedDay 7 up. She had supplies, apples, and clementines.

She drove us down 1/2 mile to the Top of Georgia Hostel and we checked in for bunks, dinner, breakfast, laundry, and a shower. Them we drove in and around Hiawassee and settled on Zaxbys for a fried chicken salad, DQ for a mint Oreo Blizzard, Starbucks, and Ingles. That really filled me up!

We headed back to TOG and swapped food and gear with Karen. I still need my Crocs, thicker air pad, and better rain jacket. We said goodbye to Karen and parted ways. Bennett and I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon around the TOG and a big dinner of barbecue sandwiches, potato salad, salad, cranberry sauce, homemade bread, homemade banana bread with vanilla ice cream for dessert. YUM!

We stayed up until 22:00 talking, planning for the next day, and replacing packs with clean laundry. Sleeping in the bunks was good, but warm with all if the bodies. A good day overall!


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