The Rest of the Story

From Bennett’s blog:

Trail Magic & Just Plain Luck

I’ll admit I had a little panic attack. Which is normal for me but still. I couldn’t figure out where he’d gotten off to. Either the woman was wrong & had missed him, or somehow he’d passed me when I was on top. It seriously seemed he’d disappeared into thin air. I mean there’s literally one path & I knew I hadn’t missed him. So I ran back up that damn steep climb to see if magically he was waiting at the top. But no, he was still nowhere I be found. So, all I could think to do was to set out hiking the mile towards Woody Gap alone.

At this point I weighed my options. If he was behind me he would hopefully not be waiting for me and he would keep hiking, at which point we could meet at Woody. Or he was somehow ahead and I just needed to catch up. I practically sprinted the mile to Woody Gap, half confused on how I missed him and half terrified he was now hiking by himself thinking he’d lost me. My phone was dead and I wasn’t sure the best way to find another hiker when they could be ahead OR behind you! Well, I tumbled into Woody Gap to find my dad happy as could be eating hotdogs with The 5 and Pilgrim.

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