Jerry’s Intoduction

The most common question I’ve been asked so far is why I’m thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. I think that I have given a different answer to everyone, depending on who they are or how I know them. The real answer to the question is I have wanted to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail since I hiked my first section in GA as a Scoutmaster and met and spoke with another thru-hiker. I’m looking forward to experiencing this life achievement with my daughter Bennett. We are already aware that there will be periods of time when we are separate and hiking our own hikes. We’ll be together for most sections and big events, like Trail Days 2014 in Damascus, VA.

I’ve been through 6 pairs of Vasque Wasatch GTX Hiking Boots and will start with a new model with the Vasque Clarion GTX Hiking Boot. I hope that the change is for the better, but only time a lack of blisters will tell. I have always slept in a one-man tent on hikes. I’ve been through 3 generations of the Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight CD tent and will be taking a much lighter Big Agnes Copper Spur UL1 tent. Another change of weight update is with my air mattress. Though it will take much more blowing to inflate this bad boy, I am looking forward to packing my new Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Trekker. And topping this great air mattress will be a new light weight sleeping bag, with the REI Igneo Sleeping Bag.


My wife and Bennett’s mother has volunteered to drive us to the top of Spring Mountain on March 16 to start our trek. We have already hiked up and down the Approach Trail during a shakedown hike.


I tried camping in a hammock once and will be using a tent instead.



3 thoughts on “Jerry’s Intoduction

  1. Have fun! I know that you will both enjoy the hike and the time with each other. My step-daughter Hilary is graduating in May and will be doing trail maintenance in Colorado for the summer (at least). Yes, it’s an actual job and gets “paid”, but I suspect that her earnings will be used on the 5 days off every 2 weeks. They are doing 9 days on trail and camping and then 5 days off. If Bennett is interested…. 🙂

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